The following projects are actively being developed:

- Status

Status is a status dashboard that displays certain things from Icinga2.

- Home Control

Home Control is a control interface for the automation devices and sensors in my home.

- Asset Manager

Asset Manager is a Web App that makes keeping records of assets easier.


The following projects have been abandoned:

- Checklists

Checklists was a tool used to create audit records of operational checklists that needed to be completed on a recurring basis for contractual reasons.

- Out of School Care Manager

OoSCM was an attempt at making running an after school care easier.

- yoUsage

yoUsage was a combination of shell scripts and less than ideal PHP that scraped content from a few of New Zealand ISP internet usage meters in order to collect data in a more friendly way.

More about yoUsage

- Vigil

Vigil was tool that followed a given set of instructions when certain circumstances occurred.

- PiPanel

A web based control panel for a custom Raspberry Pi image.